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Splinter Cell Blacklist Blacklist_DX11_game.exe has stopped working error

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I noticed this error first time running the game, it would show "Blacklist_DX11_game.exe has stopped working" and crash so i was quite baffled. Turns out this is because of the graphics card not supporting high settings of the game.


The solution is pretty simple. 



1) Go to C:UsersyouruserDocumentsUbisoftBlacklist

2) Open videoSettings.ini with notepad

3)Change the "WindowStyleFinal=1" option to 0 or 2.

0 = Windowed
1 = Fullscreen (default)
2 = Windowed Fullscreen

0 and 2 both allow the game to start.

If you get a crash after the intro, delete your VideoSettings.ini, start blacklist again and let it crash out. Then edit the ini and set it to 0 or 2 again.

If you are still having issues try this additional setting:

In videoSettings.ini : change validationRequired=1 to validationRequired=0

The validation keeps causing problems.


This should make the game run. Go to the game settings and lower all the graphics settings. Restart and the game should work fine in full screen mode now.


Alternatively, the patch v1.01 released by Ubisoft yesterday will also fix this error.



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