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[Trainer] for Red Alert 2

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Hello guys.

I'm looking for someone who is pro at c++

The reason is, that i play this old game from 2000-2001 called "command and conquer red alert 2"

Which is a pretty famous game. But i would really like to have an online working money hack/trainer created for the game which works online without causing an error. There is none out there, only one that works in singleplayer. I also have the recipe to make the trainer from a guy who was working on it but he disappeared and i have not seen him online since last year. The thing is it will probably take a few days to make it, but i am willing to pay 100$ for someone to make this.

The game can be downloaded for free on the official website of the game, here is the link:


You also need a login if you want to get online in the game, which i will provide if someone needs it.


Hope to hear from you guys, hope someone out there can help me with this, this trainer has been a big wish of mine for a long time, thats why i will pay 100$ for the hack.

Thanks in advance.

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We don't do online/multiplayer hacks doesn't matter how much you willing to pay, sorry.

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