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Looking for help with bullet spread / retlock

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for some help / to be pointed in the right direction on how to create a hack that will lock the cross hair (instead of it spreading when I run etc)

also, I am looking to stop bullet spread so my gun shoots straight.

I haven't managed to find any tutorials on how to achieve this or even search for the values responsible for bullet spread as they do differ from gun to gun (eg, a shotgun / machine gun has a wider bullet spread than a pistol)

I'm comfortable doing health ammo hacks etc but am having some trouble (a simple lack of knowledge really) finding these attributes.

The game I would like to try it with is Payday: The Heist but would be open to trying other games If I could learn the methods to find these things.


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There are a couple of ways to do this. The easiest being finding the spread/accuracy value in the weapons/ammo structure since its a perfect accuracy/aim option. The other way is through memory searching doing an increased/decreased search as the reticle/cross hair spreads/shrinks.

The value usually is a float and its relatively easy to find so shouldn't be too hard.

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The thing with most stuff these days is that it's all STATICLY unchanging memory values.

Usually stored in the health, ammo or whatever structures you would like to call it.

The easiest way like STN suggested is through memory searching.

What I would first do is in Cheatengine set the starting point of your search to your ammo structure.

Than the end point set it a couple thousand bytes further.

Than you can quickly scan your ammo structure

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