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  1. STN added a post in a topic: Dark Souls 2 Scholar Of The First Sin Trainer   

    Hey Iguana
    I haven't seen iNVOKE for months now, i had to even update one of his trainer for a member months back (borderlands 2).
    I didn't know anybody still played this game ? if you want, i can probably make the belt cheat for you, i don't have the game on steam though so will have to grab the free version and make it sigscan so it works for you. Let me know if that is what you want.
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  2. STN added a post in a topic: [TRAINER] C&C: Zero Hour v1.04 (Rise of the reds MOD v1.802)   

    Please don't curse. 
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  3. STN added a post in a topic: Dishonored GOTY/STEAM + All Versions Trainer   

    What is your game exe named ? Some groups  are known to change the game exe name and that can cause trainer to not find the game in memory.
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  4. STN added a post in a topic: Reverting back to old IPB version   

    We will be reverting back to the old version of IPB because IPS done #$%# up and the current software version is a terrible piece of you know what.
    What this means is we will lose a lot of data and members since May 2015 so you will have to re-register. Yes i know it is a really drastic thing to do but IPB offers no choice to revert to old version. 
    All forum content will obviously be posted back, at least the ones that i posted but the lost member accounts will have to re-register. Please don't fret if you lost your account or data, just re-post it.  
    The reversion will take place some time this week when i have a lot of free time. 
    Thank you and i am sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
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  5. STN added a post in a topic: Dishonored GOTY/STEAM + All Versions Trainer   

    This trainer uses sigscanning which means it scans game's memory for required code and that takes a minute or more depending on system specs. If the trainer seem unresponsive to you when you press a hotkey, just wait for a minute or two it actually is scanning the game and may appear to be frozen. 
    Not all option will stop working no matter what version you have (game code doesn't change that drastically) so check if your antivirus maybe interfering with the trainer and run the trainer as administrator. 
    If its still not helping, upload your game exe to a filehoster and send me the link so i can take a look see whats changed. Last i checked, the trainer worked for both GOTY and simple version and there hasn't been much change between various game versions.
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  6. STN added a post in a topic: [TRAINER] Painkiller Hell and Damnation v1.0   

    Well, this game is not really fun to play (scary) or hack. I had a quick look at it and its one of those titles that uses one code for everything which requires a lot of time to be completed and then i got side-tracked by mad max/mgstpp
    My university started up and that makes me have less time but also less lazy and more motivated so i will finish this trainer up for you soon. 
    Will update you
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  7. STN added a post in a topic: Mad Max Trainer   

    What is your game version/source ?. The f2 is only needed for canteen/fuel, all other options can be activated on their own. Try them and let me know if there are any issues with them.
    By the way, i am assuming your AV isn't causing any issues but some antiviruses are known to interfere with trainer function so just to be sure, temporarily disable/add to exception the trainer to its list.
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  8. STN added a post in a topic: Act of Aggression Trainer   

    Goddamn it with these updates, why did they bother calling it full release version if they are going to release an update every #$%# day ?.
    Anyone wishing to use this trainer, go with the CODEX version of the game. If you still decide to use the steam versions, please have a little patience so i can update the trainer for infinite times!
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  9. STN added a post in a topic: Mad Max Trainer   

    Damn it, the cars routine is not shared at all. I was hoping for a destroy enemies cars option but except for the nitrous and car health, it isn't shared with enemies at all. 
    I am working on threat level now, found a value but changing it crashed the game. My world war era PC isn't helping much either lagging and stuttering the $hit out of the game.
    WIll update if i find something interesting.
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  10. STN added a post in a topic: VB.NET Game Trainer   

    CE does this stuff for you automatically in the background. The bytes are opcodes for instructions to be used in call for WriteProcessMemory (the function used to inject into game).
    You can't write hex values in VB directly so we use &H to tell VB that we are using hex values.
    AllocJump allocates a block of memory in game and returns its handle so you can use it as code-cave.
    Hope it makes sense for you now. If you are still having trouble, let me know
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  11. STN added a post in a topic: Mad Max Trainer   

    Oh you meant the vehicles...somehow i misread that  :woops: 
    I will see if i can find the enemies vehicle structure (not sure if it will be shared). By the way, will slowing down everyone work ? (incl. player) or only the enemies vehicle needs to be stopped ? I haven't yet reached the mission so no idea what you're supposed to do. 
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  12. STN added a post in a topic: Mad Max Trainer Bug   

    See my reply at the main trainer thread.
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  13. STN added a post in a topic: Mad Max Trainer   

    Hey thegrube,
    I added freeze enemies options to the trainer, will that help ? :D. I can probably tweak it to slow down enemies but i guess freeze enemies is way better!.
    Also added a lot of other options, everyone who bought this trainer already should have it available for download. Just go to your My Account > Downloads area and re-download the trainer.
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  14. STN added a post in a topic: WWE 2K15 Trainer   

    I don't remember if i used CODEX or RLD version but if it is v1.0, it will most likely work. Test it and let me know ?
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  15. STN added a post in a topic: Act of Aggression Trainer   

    We don't allow online trainers or cheats, that is illegal and we could get in trouble for that not to mention its unethical.
    Besides, this game is anything but simple. Other groups can't make a proper single player trainer, wonder how many tricks the devs would have with the game online.
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