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  1. STN added a post in a topic: Broken Wrist   

    Finally able to move my hand around a bit. The cast was removed today and my wrist is now just bandaged which means more mobility.
    Can't wait until i can lift weights and be without any bandages around my wrist lol
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  2. STN added a post in a topic: The Amazing Spiderman   

    Great news, the cast on my wrist was removed today and it is just bandaged now which means greater mobility than before, i can finally type now with both hands :D.
    I am going to start downloading the game now thegrube. 
    Will let you know once i am done. Cheers
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  3. STN added a post in a topic: The Amazing Spiderman   

    Try what ?
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  4. STN added a post in a topic: Welcome to the new forums   

    Upgraded the forums to the latest version, if you notice any bugs let me know.
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  5. STN added a post in a topic: The Amazing Spiderman   

    Hope so man. Its a nightmare to do the simplest of things with just  one hand.
    On the plus side, my typing has gotten better with my right hand (weaker hand) lol...
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  6. STN added a post in a topic: The Amazing Spiderman   

    Hey thegrube
    I have been wanting to complete your requests and train new games now that i have summer vacation but this happened a week ago

    I can't even train the new batman that just came out. Sorry once again but theres always something happening in my life that gets me out of the game :(. After 2 weeks my cast comes off, ill see if i can use my hand then and train this title for you
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  7. STN added a post in a topic: Resident Evil 6 STEAM/CRACKED v1.0 TRAINER   

    ​Ah damit. Yes dropbox disabled my account when one of our trainers received too much traffic. Ill check if i still have the trainer on my hdd somewhere.
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  8. STN added a post in a topic: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Trainer   

    ​I can't sorry because of this

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  9. STN added a post in a topic: Broken Wrist   

    Thanks veggy... 3 days in and my pain has reduced/gone, now just waiting for the cast to be removed
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  10. STN added a post in a topic: Broken Wrist   

    I broke my wrist so i...damn this sounds so cool but it hurts so bad, i wish it didnt.
    anyway yeah ii cant type with my weak hand so i'll just be lurking for a week or two. this in case someone wondering why i am nort responding or responding weird
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  11. STN added a post in a topic: topics for expert game hacker   

    In no particular order
    Code Injection
    Code Shifting
    Knowing how to deal with game-specific protections, for example the now extinct xlive, diesel engine (pain in the a**)
    CRC checksum/STEAM CEG etc and similar protection employed by games, games coming to mind with this are Crysis 3, hitman absolution (before it was patched) etc.
    DLL Injection is for making trainers and you don't need to know that in order to be a gamehacker. Plenty of gamehackers i knew were bad at programming.\
    You may find documentation/tutorials on some of the above but not all and basically it all comes down to your experience and the hard work you put into defeating them. I will strongly recommend learning a bit of mup and cracking skills to better your debugging skills. Your debugging skills will differentiate you from the average gamehacker to being the best. 
    And lastly, it all comes down to practice. Train tons of games and you will begin to see patterns and get good. 
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  12. STN added a post in a topic: Plants vs Zombies GOTY All Versions PLUS 3 TRAiNER   

    This trainer uses Sigscanning so it should theoretically work for any version of the game.
    If it doesn't, let me know your game version and i may update the trainer for that version.
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  13. STN added a post in a topic: (RQ) Runes of war   

    We could make one but the game company would just file a DMCA complaint and the cheat would be taken down. Android game companies are really anal about their stuff, probably because they desperately want to earn from their crappy games. Our android section was shut down for that reason.
    Besides, what you're requesting involves multiplayer/online stuff and we don't do that.
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  14. STN added a post in a topic: The 5 Rules of dEViATED! Follow them or Get BANNED!   

    ​Blame the new IPB4 
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  15. STN added a post in a topic: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trainer   

    ​Answered your PM.
    ​Just use my old email (the gmail one) but add it on skype. MSN is long gone  now its skype and i am on that sometime. I think i still see you on it from time to time but you never respond.
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