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Welcome to dEViATED. We provide game trainers, cheats and gamehacking tutorials and a gamehacking forum for discussions and help. We have pc game trainers for various old and new games to download and will expand to other platforms. Go ahead and have a look around, you will love our pc trainers!.

Not interested in trainers ? socialize with us, we talk about girls, booze, movies, music and basically anything and everything.

watch dogs trainer

These are some of the latest trainers released by us and supported fully.
Watch Dogs Trainer
Wolfenstein The New Order Trainer


dEViATED needs your help!

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Posted 25 July 2012 - 08:25 AM

Hi, i'm new here as you can see with my 1st post of course, and I've decided to support your cause. Cheathappens is in fact way ............

By the way, if possible, you should have donation counter on the homepage that displays the goal of each month for payments and such that way people may know how much you need to reach your goal for your donations.

Doubt a donation counter will help since people don't really care much so they won't donate. Our semi-paid system covers the costs except sometimes we do a bad month or two and need donations then. All is good now since a couple of people (including you) have donated so we're gonna live another year fine :D.

Buy an Xbox360... I give you trainer code and tools... You make trainers... Fun, Profit, Booty.

But seriously this site just isn't really advancing with the internet people aren't really all into the game hacking scene anymore it's that part of our era where everyone grows up and doesn't have the time to sit around and play games thus eliminating the need for the trainers.

Although those who do play games do have hacked consoles as well (Piracy is so much easier on a console IMO, no waiting for cracked content or etc... *cough* I mean playing legal backups you've made your self from games you own.)

Another suggestion learn to hook, learn directx, make cool looking trainers differentiate deviated from the rest of the scene making a BIG fucking name for it by being unique have the most bad ass GUI trainers there are and leave the framework for the team to use in the team sections.

Enforce the usage of it ;)... the number one way to get noticed is to stand out and having things just like everyone else that is never gonna happen take the Xenus trainer for an example.

Get into actually reversing the engine and functionality of each game if there's a +2 trainer you can make for a game get into the engine and turn that into 10 options more if not even that..
If someone's released a +10 make a +20 things always look better with higher numbers...

Pwn other peoples work by releasing better, in-game trainers with more options and DV will be at the top.

Advertise, Use facebook publish trainers on any site you can whether it be on the site where you can illegally download it or some random game hacking forum such as the cheat engine forums draw users in from anywhere possible ;).

Last but not least, As hard of a concept as it is... and as long as DVT has been against it Multiplayer hacking is ALWAYS a big topic for people who love to troll others.

I've always been interested in console hacking, never owned one though as a kid lol. I'd like to do that now but i don't really have so much time on my hands to learn like i used to in past, hell i barely get time to gamehack these days which is apparent from how the site is doing now.

You can release the console trainers yourself here, its not like DVT is strictly PC only site. I think i've asked you about this before :P.

I like your suggestions, some of 'em i have already been working on but i think the reason we aren't growing to the scale of site like cheathappens is the lack of "timely" content. I have tons of other commitments irl than this site right now and so have other team members so unless we turn this into a fully paid site making it our job, this site will be medium-size like it is. To be honest, i don't want that really, this place started as a hobby and will always be (hopefully) and less traffic means i get to have a breather :D.

PS: Booty ain't no problem though, i get that without needing much money. And no i don't mean hookers are cheap here :P

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