Welcome to dEViATED. We provide PC trainers, cheats, mods and game trainers and a gamehacking forum for discussions and help. We have pc cheats, cheat engine tables and mods for various old and new single player games.

These are some of the latest trainers released by us and supported fully.
Assassin's Creed Rogue Trainer
Grand Theft Auto 5 Trainer


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      NOTE: REQUESTS Temporarily DISABLED until implementation of new system. Read the news post for more info.

    1. Cheat Tables and Trainers

      This section contains UN-OFFICIAL/Unfinished trainer releases by dEViATED, cheat tables, cheat engine trainer for Indie, low budget titles or simply releases for games that we don't test and just toss quickly.

      Everyone is welcome to post in this section!.

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    1. General Gamehacking and Programming

      Having problems hacking a game ?, want to know more about dma, code injection/shifting, hacking ? post your queries here!. Multiplayer gamehacking allowed but focus on SP part. Also Assembly, C/C++, brainfuck, LISP, LUA, .NET such as VB, C# and discussions about any programming language known to men goes here. Having problems ? do that here too!

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      Want to show off your trainers ?. Have a project that you're proud of or project you're working on ? Feeling generous and want to share source code of your app ? Have an amazing art/gfx/music/tune/Sig/Wallpaper/ASCII art or anything else you just want to brag about ? Do all that here, brag to teh world how awesome you are!.